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It is the mission of the First Church of Palm Coast, Florida to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs of all who choose to become a part of our fellowship.

 We will discharge our mission by:

 Fostering an environment that promotes the spiritual maturation of believers.

Articulating Christ’s Gospel of liberation and redemption.

​Modeling the unity of the New Testament Church.​

 Equipping our members with an accurate and affirming  understanding of God’s activity among all of his people.

It is the vision of this church to develop within the next 10 years a church consisting of at least 5,000 constituents who will be fully committed to:


​Magnifying God through worship

Membership in a caring and concerned community

Maturing into Disciples of Christ

Ministering with their unique spiritual gifts

 Making the Great Commission a reality

Firmly plant within the family of God both new and the recently transplanted believers;

​Facilitate their maturation as blood-bought believers;

Equip them to perform their specific God-given ministry with this church; and

To engage in missions within the world so that God’s name can be magnified.

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